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Is a New Mover Outreach Program Right For Your Church?

New movers – the new families who recently relocated to another building – are the church’s tremendous opportunity. The churches have long sought after these brand new drivers, also known as the new residents, the new moves or neighbours, because of their tendency to react at rates higher than that of the existing residents to communications.

While it is true that the current economic climate has significantly affected the housing market, the reasons for your going forward and the reasons why your church has entered new movers are the same.

Families go for a variety of reasons: work loss or maybe a new job; divorce or marriage, reduction in number (or even an upgrade). All these “life events” provide churches with an opportunity to communicate with a market that research indicates is much more likely to respond to your invitation.

This opportunity is taken by many Churches and they are devoted in this period to interacting. Unfortunately, since leadership of the churches can miss the time and resources to investigate the opportunity entirely, this vital approach is never easily exploited.

Please consider these six reasons why a system like that may fit your church as you research a brand new mover outreach programme for your church:

Reason One: New movers are certainly looking for new solutions to allow their neighborhood to settle down

Since a brand new family wants to create roots in a brand new culture, most will find brand new service providers with great encouragement and activity. Of course, there can also be a brand new church home on the list. This offers a unique opportunity window which indicates that your message will arrive at the perfect time.

Second reason: New movers are perfect for churches with a limited budget

Pick it up – publicity can be expensive and time-consuming). Nonetheless, it is necessary to create a healthy church and to sustain it. Fortunately, new movers are very cheap because in a certain area the amount of entirely new movers is very small. The number of entirely new movers will vary from 20 to 150 families each month, depending on exactly where your church can be located. The brand-new mover software usually has an average investment of less than 100 dollars month. More often than not if your church is located in a rural or sparsely populated area, your monthly expenditure may be about 20 dollars (just make sure your new mover postal company does not have mailing or monthly fees).

Reason 3: New people will see the church inside from the safety of their own home

Some new mover mailing companies are providing personalised design services in which your mailer can show photographs of the leadership of your Congregation, of the Assembly or of your ministerial teams. This is a good opportunity for new families to get a sense of their mission and values; they can also get even more involved. It is a church link – a custom mailer over a pre-designed template is highly recommended.

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Fourth reason: Good investment return

Direct mail is one of the many advertisement resources through which you can track outcomes – to the nearest possible dollar. For example, studies show that there are around $1,000 a year for average church participants. Average monthly price of about $50 – $150 a month in full turnkey new mover programmes. In short, only one or maybe two families have to join your Church to cope with your annual growth investment to obtain a positive return on your investment.

Reason 5: The church in your neighborhood may come to your

For several years, churches have reached new movers. This relation could actually be made by another church in your area. Any of your churches may carry out targeted direct mail campaigns if you notice that your membership of the church remains stagnant or perhaps slightly expanding. It is vital that you can deliver your welcome message quickly, in order to have a long-term impact.

Reason 6: New movers are much more likely than residents to respond to direct mail.

Study has shown that new movers are around four – eight times more likely to answer a direct mail or invitation. This gives the church a big opportunity to develop a very strong and meaningful connection. It would possibly cost a significant amount of dollars for a wholesale mail to thousands of homes. On the other hand, a particular campaign can be carried out to a highly sensitive audience, however with the potential to deliver a measurable and important response.