My Blog Guest: A Paradise for Guest Bloggers

As a blogger who believes in guest posting as an effective strategy to build my reputation as well as making my blogs more visible over the Internet, My Blog Guest is a place for me to find blogs which accept guest posts. In the same time, I also run a number of niche blogs which need contribution from guest posters – and My Blog Guest is a place for me to offer my blogs.

And it works. Besides exploring new and interesting knowledge about guest posting through the discussions, I also received increasing number of guest posters from my blog and the number increases just in 2-3 months! It is amazing for new blogs like mine.


My Blog Guest will get exposure for your business and functions works like a forum (to me) where you can create new threads, reply to the discussions and send private messages and the two sections. And these sections give you possibility to get guest posters for your blog and a blog which accepts your guest posts. Under these sections there are a number of categories that you can choose such as General, Finance, Technology, Health and etc. These categories help you to find and promote easier through My Blog Guest.

One more functions that I would like to highlight is the Article Gallery where you can find unique articles that you can request to be published in your blog if you’re a webmaster and in the same time you can write your unique post there and wait for your article to be requested by the webmaster who got interested with your article.