Top Ten Movie Of 2018

Infinitity Wars

As our part of marvel cinematic universe films the avengers and their crew members continued to protect the world from the threats emerged from cosmic shadows: this time Thanos the major threat to the world has emerged and his main goal is to collect all the six infinity stones, from the avengers just to use them whenever he wants by the twist of his hands. At this stage Tony Clarks will face the fate of the earth & its existence itself has never been more uncertain



A star is born

An American drama, a romantic film directed by Bradley Cooper debut the remake the movie if Cooper, lady gaga, in year 1937with the same name, it stars Cooper, lady gaga, Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliot. The musician Cooper discovers and falls in love with the struggling artist ally (gaga), who has just about given up on her dream of becoming the best singer until Jack persuades into her life. The personal experience of these two couples is breaking, as Jacks is fighting an ongoing battle with his genius.


Incredibles 2


One of the most all-time favorite family of superheroes is back in Incredibles 2, but the fact remains the same that their heroism is still illegal. As seen in the past sequel they were arrested for trying to stop the Underminer, and their future seems bleak. However, the wealthy deavor siblings of devtech still offer new hope with a bolder project to rehabilitate the public image, along with Elastigril being assigned as an example. This time Mr incredible finds his life as a challenge, especially with baby jack-jack’s newly emerged super powers making it almost impossible to manage. Now Elastigirl must solve this mystery of this new enemy who has evil designs on the world with Parr family and friends.


Mission impossible


This time Ethan Hunt and the IMF team joins forces with CIA assassin august walker to prevent a disaster of the world. John Lark the arms dealer in the movie along with the group of terrorists known as Apostles who plans to use three plutonium cores for attacking Vatican, Jerusalem & Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The biggest challenge for Ethan and his team is to find those weapons gone missing and they are doing every possible thing to save from the wrong hand of someone else.


Deadpool 2


After the loss of Vanessa(Morena Baccarin)- Deadpool part 1, the love of his life, our hero Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is back with his team & ro protect a young, full-figured mutant Russell Collins (firefish). He with his force Bedlam, shatterstar, domino & other powerful mutants are there to save the little boy from such a superior enemy.



A 16-year-old daughter of David Kim goes disappears, and an immediate police investigation leads to a dead end. The movie which has suspense with mystery attached of a daughter Margot was considered to be an open and shut case until then David decides to search his daughter the one place where no one has looked yet, where all the secrets are kept today his daughters laptop & hoping to trace her digital footprints, David contacts her friends and looks at the photos & videos for any possible clues to find her before she gets disappears forever.


A quite place


Two parents do whatever it takes to keep their children safe from the monsters who can’t see because they are blind but have sensitive hearing power. Not a sound can be heard from the family hiding in silence, all it takes only one noise and everything can go wrong.




First man


A biopic based on the real legendary American Astronaut Neil Armstrong on his journey to become the man who goes first on the moon, exploring the signs of life. The movie will explore the sacrifices and the cost on Armstrong and the nation of one of the most dangerous missions in history.


Love Simon

Everyone deserves a great love story of his life, but for coming young age of Simon spider, it’s not that easy to get and much more complicated. The catch with Simon is that he hasn’t told to his family and friends that he’s a gay, who has a connection with a boy, by emails and he has no idea who has he’s been talking to online. Resolving around these problems Simon has to face it one day against everyone which would be terrifying and life-changing for him.


Black Panther

After the death of T’Challa returns home nation Wakanda to take the stand of the king. However, T’challa soon finds out that he has his enemy waiting for him. T’challa’s soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. The young king must defeat to allies and release the power of Black Panther to overcome and to secure his people as the whole stake of Wakanda is on the line.

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